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Celebrity Advocacy and Patient Education 

“Conversations About Epilepsy,” an online educational video series just launched! The program was created by CMEology in partnership with clinical experts, people with epilepsy, and caregivers. The videos feature celebrity advocates, including Pearce Joza (“Disney’s ZOMBIES”), Brent Spiner (“Star Trek”), Gabrielle Ruiz (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”), and Colton Dunn (“Superstore”, “The Recruit”). The program can be accessed at


The videos are structured for young adults, adults, and caregivers of people with epilepsy. The videos take viewers through personal, eye-opening journeys that can help answer patient and caregiver questions about seizure action plans and rescue therapies.

An integrated CE activity for nurses features celebrity advocate Jack Coleman ("Heroes", "The Office") who introduces adults with epilepsy and care partners, who talk about the impact of seizure action plans and rescue therapies.

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