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What our learners are saying...

“I think this may have been the best presentation and most helpful to me in my practice that I have seen. I've learned a lot in many sessions but this was the most effective for me personally as a provider.”

“It was nice to see a diverse panel - patient, family, and providers.”

“Excellent presentation that directly relates to my practice and was not only informative but realistic in terms of the challenges we face in clinical practice. Very useful presentation. Excellent!”

“Loved the comic cases! Please use this more often as they provide a very helpful representation of accurate diagnostic interviewing techniques.”

“The case studies were very effective. It was how you would troubleshoot patients in an actual practice setting.”

“I found this interactive activity to be engaging because it utilized multiple methods of learning- video, text and links to other areas for further learning/investigation and information. I also felt more personally invested as I would with my own patient sitting in front of me in an exam room.”

“Fabulous format! Great interactive modality which provided plenty of opportunity to review, re-assess and take notes.”

“Great format. Much more interesting than just listening to a lecture and seeing slides. Using real patients really helped me understand their issues with medications. The short quizzes made the entire presentation much more relevant and useful. It will help me retain the information.”

“Great step by step process, patient interviews, and chart information. Loved the layout of the activity.”

“I really like the comics! They will help me remember what I read and connect better with the information. It was heartwarming and educational. The information was helpful, clear, and concise.”

“I just loved it. It modeled good clinician responses and a typical patient.”

“Comic illustrations really grabbed my attention and helped refocus on the information at hand. I can visualize the comic quickly in my mind's eye and recall the information associated.”

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