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When developing our activities, CMEology begins with the identification of practice gaps that result in suboptimal patient outcomes. Gaps may be identified in peer reviewed studies, data from the CDC, WHO, NQF, or AHRQ, epidemiologic and outcomes studies, hospital quality studies, data from previous activities, surveys, interviews, self-reported patient data, and societal trends. Relevance and value are critical aspects in determining if an activity should be initiated.

Value = (Validity x Practice Relevance)/Effort of Implementation


When designing an educational intervention we consider the identified practice gaps and how they relate to principles of adult learning, the learner stage, and evidence for efficacy of the intervention type.

Below is a representative sample of our activities. 

HCP and Patient Education Featuring Celebrity Advocates

Comic Patient Scenario

Interactive Multimedia Case Scenarios

Personalized Care 

Hemophilia Finger Print.jpg

Fact or Fiction Live Symposium and Enduring 

Grand Rounds 

Interactive Reveal the Answer Monograph 

Risk Mitigation and Evaluation Strategies 

Comic Patient Scenario

Dom 1.jpg

Patient and Caregiver Insights

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